In all types of works and businesses, assistance for various activities is highly required. A person cannot perform all functions single handedly hence an assistant is required all the time. With the augment of technology and the spread of virtual world, virtual assistance services are also available.

Virtual assistance is the help that is available from remote locations. In simple words, if your need any help in your business and web activity, you can easily hire a person remotely to complete your tasks effectively. Most of the time, business professionals or the company owners neglect various departments due to lack of workforce, but with virtual assistant this issue can be easily resolved in cost-effective manner. We can say virtual assistance affordable or economical because a full time assistant would charge high fee whereas the remotely located assistant would work at lower rates as no infrastructure and operational cost is included in it. But the quality of work is never compromised even if the assistant is far from the workplace.

Shubham Soft is one of the evolving and best virtual assistance company in Noida that are extensively involved in offering virtual assistance in almost all fields whether it is administrative, managerial or any backend office work in an organization. At Shubham Soft, you can be assured 24x7 as your tasks will be completed efficiently with the help of our domain experts.

We have an elaborate range of offshore virtual assistance services covering a huge spectrum. Our virtual assistance services include:

  • Project management tasks
  • This includes all the responsibilities that are needed for the effective management of any project. Right from the estimate of the project, our trained professionals are there to help you till the completion of the project. We do documentation, strategic planning and even risk management for your organization.

  • Content creation/Editing
  • This is a wide category of work including writing articles and blogs, editing the content, writing and submission or press release and even writing of webpages for the company. We also specialize in writing keyword rich content for the marketing purposes.

  • Website designing and development
  • Website is the image of the company in the online world. With Shubham Soft, you can get a fully interactive and operational website that will heighten your brand image in the world of internet.

  • Research / Online Research
  • Some businesses require deep research on various topics. Our research specialists are able to provide thorough research on the given topic in the form of reports. They are expert into internet research also if anyone has specific requirement for online research

  • Secretarial and administrative tasks
  • For all types of organizations, virtual assistants at Shubham Soft is proficient in offering secretarial and administrative support services for back office support and services like data entry, reports creation and all other documentation.

So, if you any requirement of any type of tasks mentioned above, come to Shubham Soft and we will be happy to assist you virtually!

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